Meet Abby Boretto 

Mrs. California All-Star United States 2021

Tree Sketch

It is not a huge surprise that Abby has won the title of Mrs. California All-State for two years. Beauty Queens are usually brimming with confidence, grace, a winning attitude and a passion to change the community around them. Abby is no exception. She brings these same qualities to every one of her senior center engagements. Do not expect her to be lugging her crown around either expecting royal service. We usually find Abby decked out in a worn-looking pair of leggings and a sleeveless tank top toting a can-do attitude. She does not shy away from hard work and is happy to dress the part.

The past 12 months have been exceptionally hard on the senior center. The pandemic hit and the senior center closed. Community Bingo was one of its first causalities. Without bingo to generate funds, it would be hard for the center to pay all of its bills and offer at-home senior programming. Abby and her board associates' quick and innovative thinking turned the center space into a bi-monthly rummage sale. In 13 sales, the board raised over $80,000. While the sales are rewarding, they are tiring. That does not slow down Abby. You will find her moving furniture, tagging items, sorting merchandise and lending a hand where ever she can. She also shines at connecting people who share a passion to make the world a better place. She makes friends with everyone and has mastered facilitating outreach connections with other people and organizations. 

Her plate is full, but she always makes time for the clients we serve at the center. In February, she visited several of our Poway Seniors while they continued to shelter in place. She passed out Valentine's Day gifts and shared her infectious personality with them. 

The Poway Senior Center is blessed to have Abby Boretto as our Board Vice-President. She has made our mission and vision to serve our Seniors her passion project.

Thank you, Abby, for your unending service to our organization and our seniors.